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Content-a-Day is a boutique firm specializing in bite-sized text content.

While there are other content providers out there, our unique combination of size and focus has several substantial benefits for you.

First, being a boutique firm, means that our clients are select and few.
To you, this means our content is exclusive and original because it is not spread about everywhere out there, as it would if we had thousands of clients like our competition does.

Second, the benefits of our focused tidbit sized text content are great for every media. More fully detailed on the rest of our site, they are worth mentioning here as well. Here are just a few:

  • text content can be read by search engines (not so graphic content)
  • search engines seeing targeted text content on your site assign you higher relevancy rankings
  • search engines seeing text content on your pages updating daily give you higher rankings than static pages
  • small size content means less real estate use on your pages, which leaves you more room for advertisers, partners, and other content
  • small size content is more easily read by visitors. It grabs their attention without hogging their time. They will thank you for it.
  • daily updates keep people coming back to your media
  • media efficiency: text content takes less download time than graphic content
  • etc.  read about more benefits here

Finally, unlike our competitors, we do not require you display our copyright notice when you pay for our content. As long as you respect the terms of our contract and the limitations of the license we grant to you, we do not require you post an accreditation or byline for our premium services. We believe that since you pay for the service already, you should be able to seamlessly integrate it into your media so as not to distract from your brand or message. 

To quietly and consistently enhance your brand and the general appeal of your media, turn to us for help. Our staff is professional, friendly, and responsive.

Here at Content-A-Day, we’ll design a simple, cost-effective way for you to capitalize on high quality “bits” that your customers will look forward to, every day.

Click here to see a list of our current content offerings and a menu of available text features.

In addition, we offer custom content development services as well, in case you do not find what you need above.

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