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Content-a-Day delivers a vast and varied menu of quality content at the industry's most competitive prices. What's our secret for offering such an incredible deal to our clients? Find out below:

It's quite simple really. We don't have the same cost structure as our competitors do.

Why? Because Content-a-Day was originally created as the content development agent of an online investment firm which ran and operated very popular sites, including but not limited to Horoscope.com. As such, we had significant synergies, efficiencies and economies of scale while starting this business, all of which represented savings we now pass on to you.

Indeed, over the last 10 years, the network of websites run by the investment firm basically financed most of the costs involved in developing this content and built the technical infrastructure that was needed to service this process.

By the time Content-a-Day.com spun off as its own independent entity, fully a decade later, we were a lean and efficient content business with a smooth running process and a goal to focus on our clients' needs.  

Whatever we save on overhead and other costs, we pass it on to you in the form of better prices. Hence, our only role  is to provide you with professional access to this quality content, and our only goal is to let you have it at the best possible price.

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